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“Epitaph” (Dave Foreman vocals) by “The Victim's Ball”

“The Victim's Ball” is the first solo project from the mind of Roberto Massaglia. Massaglia’s previous collaborations specifically include the EBM project called “Tankt” and the Dark Cabaret/Steampunk project called “The Tenth Stage”.

With a mix of Early Classical music and Darkwave epic scores, “The Victim's Ball” explores, in tongue-and-cheek tones, the historical dark side of humanity.

“Epitaph” comes in three different vocal mixes. The mix from the album "La Chimera" is performed by The Baroness, the videoclip version is performed by Roberto Massaglia and the exclusive mix in this compilation is performed by Dave Foreman.

This track has been written in memory of Mark Railton from the band “Resurrection Eve” (R.I.P.).



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